Shetland Fleece
Maplewood North
Johnson Creek, WI
W3476 Cty B
Johnson Creek, WI 53038
Larry, Lael and Nicholas Wilson
NASSA Flock #949


HEARTHSIDE FIBERS, FEATURING HAND DYED YARNS AND ROVINGS.  Or, jump right to our Etsy store, if you are in need of some hand dyed fiber!

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Our farm has been in the family since the 1950's, beginning as the home of a registered Angus herd under the ownership of Lael's grandparents, Rex and Leona Draheim.  At that time, Maplewood Farm was a well known name in the Angus show ring. 

Since the beginning of this
century, the northern portion of the farm has become Maplewood North, home to a variety of fiber sheep and goats.  We began with three bred Shetland ewes in 2001.  We then expanded the flock to commercial proportions, raising purebred Coopworths and Polypays and an assortment of other breeds and crossbreds.  When a friend was in need, we adopted some of her sheep and goats, including some Nigerian Dwarf and Angora goats.  So we proceeded to experiment with the fiber goat crossbred, Nigora, the cross of the Angora and Nigerian Dwarf.  While it has been a fun ride and I love all the sheep breeds and goats that we have had, our concentration now is on our yarn company, Hearthside Fibers.  So we have gone back to raising a small flock of registered Shetland sheep.  We raise our animals primarily on pasture and hay and use wormers and other medicines only when it is necessary.  Our focus is on the fiber, selling the majority of our fleeces to handspinners across the country, and the sale of breeding stock.