Shetland Fleece
Maplewood North
Johnson Creek, WI
Shetland Fleece

Shetland fleece is wonderful to work with.  It comes in 11 natural colors, some is super crimpy and fine, some is wavy and silky.  The variety is what drew me to the Shetlands in the first place. 

We charge actual shipping from our zip code to yours, and take personal checks, money orders and Paypal.

We DO NOT jacket our sheep, so there will be some vegetable matter present. I have picked over each fleece, removing the worst of the VM and the "really yucky stuff".   

Tsunami, #1120 - 
Fawn, taupe color.  Ewe fleece, weighs about 2 1/2 pounds.  Price, $25.00, plus actual shippingSold

Beverly, #1145 - Moorit ewe fleece, sun bleached tips, some matting on the butt ends, but with a bit of work, it will be fine.  Weighs almost 2 pounds.  Price, $15.00, plus actual shippingSold